Digital artist

We are entering a new era of communication. The arts will not escape this mutation and a new pictoral approach is being written. Traditional painting will not escape this revolution. This painting, which has existed for several millennia, will be increasingly supplanted by virtual works materialized by purely digital means (prints on different media, screens, video projectors).

My project is to promote this form of expression and I propose to open a path that has not yet been explored, that of working on the "evolutionary image" by exploring as yet unknown fields, where technology meets art. On traditional media or on the screen, I play with possible variations of themes chosen by varying colors and shapes. The images deteriorate, change with noticeable or sometimes imperceptible variations. To look at my paintings is to venture into a world where the real is combined with the abstract, where inner life is embodied in a variation of shapes and colors.

"If we know exactly what to do, what's the point of doing it?" - Pablo Picasso