Digital artist painter

We are entering a new era of communication. The arts will not escape this change and a new pictorial approach is being penned. Traditional painting will not evade this revolution. This painting, which has existed for several thousand years, will be increasingly superseded by virtual works, materialised by purely digital means (printing on different surfaces, screens, video projectors).
My project is to promote this form of expression and I propose to explore what has been until now little chartered territory: work on "evolving imagery", exploring domains that had not yet been discovered, where technology meets art.
Whether on traditional surfaces or on screens, I explore different possible declinations of my chosen themes, varying colours and shapes. The images undergo change, sometimes marked, sometimes imperceptible.
Looking at my paintings becomes a venture into a world where the real and the abstract are united, where inner life takes varying shape and colour.


"If you know exactly to do it why to do it ?"- Pablo PICASSO